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Understanding the cost of domiciliary home care services in England

At Bradcare, we believe in transparency and clarity when it comes to the cost of our domiciliary home care services. We understand that making decisions about care for yourself or a loved one involves considerations beyond just the services provided. Here, we outline the factors influencing the cost of domiciliary home care services in England.

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When exploring care options, it’s natural for cost considerations to be a top priority. Discovering whether you qualify for financial assistance, especially if you reside in England, is a crucial step in navigating your care decisions.

Factors influencing cost

Level of care needed

The complexity and intensity of care required significantly impact the overall cost. Individuals with higher care needs may require more hours of support, affecting the overall service cost.

Frequency of care

The frequency of care visits per week or month is a key determinant. Regular daily or weekly visits may have a different pricing structure than occasional or ad-hoc care.

Duration of care sessions

The length of each care session influences the cost. Shorter visits for specific tasks may be priced differently from longer sessions providing comprehensive care and companionship.

Specialised care requirements

If individuals have specific health conditions or require specialised care, additional training and expertise may be necessary for the caregivers, affecting the overall cost.


Geographical location plays a role in determining the cost of domiciliary home care. Costs can vary between regions in England due to differences in living expenses and local demand for care services.

Daytime vs. nighttime care

Nighttime care, including sleep-in or waking night services, may have different pricing structures compared to daytime care. 24-hour care services will also impact the overall cost.

Get in Touch for a Personalised Quote

For a personalised quote and to discuss the cost of home care services based on your specific needs, please contact our team. We are here to provide detailed information, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the process of understanding the cost of care tailored to your unique circumstances.

At Bradcare, we prioritize transparency, quality, and personalised care. Our goal is to empower individuals and their families with the information they need to make informed decisions about home care services in England.

    Explore the various avenues available to secure financial assistance for covering the expenses associated with care, whether it’s for yourself or a loved family member.

    Funding from the National Health Service (NHS)

    If you meet the criteria for NHS funding, your entire care expenses will be covered. While only a limited number of individuals qualify for this funding, there are alternative options available.

    Consult your General Practitioner (GP) to obtain a Continuing Healthcare Checklist, a brief screening tool to assess whether a comprehensive evaluation is warranted. This assessment will determine your eligibility for a Personal Health Budget (PHB).

    A PHB empowers individuals dealing with disabilities or long-term health conditions by providing more autonomy, control, and flexibility over their healthcare choices. You, or your representative, collaborate with your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to secure funding that can be allocated to resources, including care, to support your specific needs.
    Currently, more than 80,000 individuals in England benefit from a PHB.

    Funding from the Local Authority

    In accordance with the Care Act 2014, Local Authorities are obligated to assess individuals with care and support needs, irrespective of their potential for self-funding.

    Subsequent to a needs assessment, a financial evaluation will be undertaken to determine your eligibility for care funding. You have the option to request your funding as a Direct Payment, granting you control over how you allocate and utilize it.

    Self-funding care and support

    Instances where funding from the Local Authority or the NHS is not available, you have the option to privately fund your Home Care.

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    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or specific inquiries not covered here. Our commitment is to provide transparent and personalised information to assist you in making informed decisions regarding personal care.

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    Our Transparent Pricing Model

    At Bradcare, we are committed to providing clear and transparent pricing for our home care services. Our pricing model is designed to reflect the personalised nature of care and to accommodate various needs and preferences.

    Personalised Care Plans:

    We work closely with individuals and their families to create personalised care plans that align with specific needs. Our transparent pricing is based on the details of the care plan.

    Consultation and Assessment:

    Before finalizing any care plan, we offer a free consultation and assessment to understand the unique requirements. This ensures that the cost is accurately reflective of the level of care needed.

    Flexible Packages:

    Our flexible care packages allow individuals to choose the frequency, duration, and type of care that suits their lifestyle and preferences. This flexibility extends to our pricing structure.

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